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Shiatsu Wonder Oil: A Legacy of Healing from the Philippines

Shiatsu Wonder Oil, emblematic of Filipino traditional medicine, has been integral to natural healing practices for over three decades. Crafted by Edgardo T. Capinig Sr., also the founder of Friends of Life International Foundation, and his wife Nilda S. Capinig, this oil is a testament to the power of natural remedies and community health.

Founding Vision

Edgardo T. Capinig Sr., a renowned Filipino inventor and alternative medicine practitioner, founded the Friends of Life International Foundation in Tacloban City, Leyte, in January 1988. His vision was to create a healthy community where natural products and alternative healing techniques would be accessible to all, ensuring health without financial compromise.

Development and Growth

With the support of his family, Capinig materialized his vision by establishing the foundation, which played a pivotal role in popularizing Shiatsu Wonder Oil. This oil, recognized for its effectiveness against a myriad of health issues, became a cornerstone of the foundation’s mission to provide affordable, risk-free health options to the Filipino community.

Ingredients and Benefits

Shiatsu Wonder Oil is a blend of over 20 natural herbs, each contributing to its wide-ranging therapeutic effects, embodying Capinig’s commitment to natural healing.

Today, both Shiatsu Wonder Oil and the Friends of Life International Foundation stand as symbols of a community-centric approach to health and wellness, continuing to serve with the same dedication as when they were first established.


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