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The History of Shiatsu Wonder Oil and Friends of Life International Foundation

Establishment and Visionary Beginnings (1988). The journey of Shiatsu Wonder Oil is intricately linked with the foundation of the Friends of Life International Foundation, initiated by Edgardo T. Capinig Sr. in 1988 in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines. This establishment marked the beginning of a vision to integrate traditional Filipino herbal medicine with contemporary wellness practices, focusing on natural products and alternative healing methods.

Innovative Development and Introduction to the Market (1990). Two years after the foundation was established, in 1990, Edgardo T. Capinig Sr., along with Nilda S. Capinig, brought Shiatsu Wonder Oil to the market. This oil, a blend of over 20 local herbs sourced from the biodiverse landscapes of the Philippines, particularly around Mayon Volcano, represented an innovative approach to health care. Its development was motivated by the need to address common health issues prevalent among Filipinos, effectively combining traditional knowledge with practical health solutions.

Rapid Growth and Cultural Integration (1990s – Early 2000s). Following its introduction, Shiatsu Wonder Oil quickly became popular for its effectiveness in treating a wide range of ailments, ranging from skin conditions to respiratory issues, and even more severe diseases like leprosy. It earned the moniker “pharmacy in a bottle,” reflecting its versatility and efficacy. This period saw the oil becoming an integral part of Filipino households, symbolizing the country’s deep-rooted herbal heritage.

Expansion of Services and Community Engagement (2000s – 2010s). With the growing popularity of Shiatsu Wonder Oil, the Friends of Life International Foundation expanded its operations throughout the Philippines. It established clinics offering unique services such as holistic abdominal therapy, emphasizing a holistic approach to health. The foundation also heightened its community engagement through the radio program “Kalusugan Mo, Sagot Ko,” which played a crucial role in health education and promoting alternative medicine practices.

Sustained Impact and Enduring Legacy (2010s – Present). Over the years, both Shiatsu Wonder Oil and the Friends of Life International Foundation have become synonymous with natural health and wellness in the Philippines. The oil has been emblematic of the power of natural remedies and Filipino innovation. Its history, spanning over three decades, showcases the successful integration of traditional herbal practices with modern health needs. Celebrating significant anniversaries and continuously serving communities, the foundation and the oil have solidified their place as pivotal elements in the realm of natural health and wellness in the Philippines.

In this streamlined history, Shiatsu Wonder Oil and the Friends of Life International Foundation exemplify a progressive journey of innovation, dedication to natural healing, and unwavering commitment to community service. They stand as testaments to the transformative influence of traditional medicine and holistic health practices in modern times.